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PHOTOGRAPHS of our Aisle Runners

PHOTOGRAPHS of our Aisle Runners
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my aisle runner. I'll be sure to post a pic here later. I searched online for what seemed like forever and just as I was giving up I came across Event Bella Designs. God is Good! Ms. Welsh was extremely patient and communicated as best she could with me to meet my needs. Not to mention I was cutting it pretty close to my wedding date. My experience with Event Bella Designs was great. I believe she puts in a great amount of work and effort into satisfying her customers, all the while caring for her son. May the Lord continue to have favor over her business that it may flourish and blessing upon her family. Thank you Event Bella Designs! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IF YOU CHOOSE TO ORDER YOUR CUSTOM AISLE RUNNER FROM EVEN BELLA! - Treasure

Below are some samples of our work including custom wall and table banners, and our custom fabric aisle runners.

Autumn Personalized Cloth Aisle RunnerCustom Brown Cloth Aisle RunnerDamask Custom Cloth Aisle Runner
Custom Monogram Burgundy Cloth Aisle RunnerNew Orleans Custom Fabric Aisle RunnerCustom Monogram Pink Floral Aisle Runner
Custom Floral Fabric Aisle RunnerPurple & Silver Monogram Fabric Aisle RunnerBurgundy Floral Custom Fabric Aisle Runner
Silver & Crystal Cotton Fabric Aisle RunnerWhite Custom Fabric Aisle RunnerWinter White Custom Fabric Aisle Runner
Custom Fabric Wedding Aisle RunnerCustom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image001Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image002
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image003Custom Fabric Aisle Runners - Image004Custom Fabric Aisle Runner - Image 005
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image006Custom Fabric Aisle Runners - Image007Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image008
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image009Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image010Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image011
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image012Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image13Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image14
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image015Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image016Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image017
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image018Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image019Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image020
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image021Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image022Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image023
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image024Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image025Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image026
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image027Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image028Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image029
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image030Custom Fabric Aisle Runners_Image031Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image032
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image33Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image34Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image035
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image036Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image037Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image038
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image039Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image040Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image041
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image042Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image043Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image044
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image045Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image046Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image047
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image048Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image049Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image050
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image051Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image052Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image053
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image054Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image055Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image056
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image057Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image058Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image059
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image060Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image061Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image062
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image063Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image064Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image065
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image066Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image067Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image068
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image069Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image070Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image071
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image072Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image073Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image074
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image075Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image076Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image077
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image078Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image079Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image080
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image081Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image082Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image083
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image084Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image085Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image086
Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image087Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image088Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image089
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image090Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image091Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image092
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image093Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image094Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-Image095
Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-image096Custom Fabric Aisle Runners-Image097Custom Fabric Aisle Runner-image098
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Sometimes a Fairytale
When you are planning a wedding, one of the most exciting phases of planning is the vision you have in your mind of how your ceremony will look - to you, your fiance, family and friends. Planning the colors, textures, florals and details can be exciting, exhausting, and depending on your vision ~ expensive.

At event bella, one of our main goals is to create a quality, real fabric aisle runner, that fits within your ceremony decor budget and complements your theme, colors, decor and venue, just as you imagined it would.

Personalized Fabric Wedding Aisle Runner Order Process?
1. You'll receive an email from us with a confirmation of your custom wedding aisle runner order and shipping information for your review and sample wedding monogram or logo designs, if applicable, within 2 business days.

2. When we've finalized your custom wedding monogram or logo design & aisle runner order information, you'll be given a target ship date for your custom wedding runner.

3. When your custom wedding runner has shipped, you'll receive a shipment tracking number and photo of your completed wedding monogram or logo design (only on custom painted aisle runner or banner orders) via email.

Note: All of our custom fabric aisle runners are pressed and rolled onto a sturdy white pipe threaded with a three-ply cord for smooth unrolling and are shipped with instructions.

Need a aisle runner project quote for a custom wedding logo, design or monogram you already have? Email your wedding logo, design or monogram to me at and I'll be happy to review it and answer you as soon as possible with a complete custom aisle runner quote.

If you have questions about our custom wedding runners, colored fabric runner swatches or your wedding decor designs, please don't hesitate to ask! Message me at

We are excited to create an original, customized aisle runner for you and are honored to be a small part in your wedding day!