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How to Plan a Tropical Theme Bridal Shower

How to Plan a Tropical Theme Bridal Shower

A tropical-themed bridal shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming marriage a bride and groom who will be spending their honeymoon in a tropical locale, getting married on the beach or even if they just happen to love the sand, sea and surf. There are just a few ideas and creative decorations to assist in creating that truly elegant and fun atmosphere than comes from the tropical locales of Bermuda and beyond for your guest of honor and her family and friends in attendance.

Follow our advice on HOW TO PLAN A BRIDAL SHOWER while implementing the following:

1. ESTABLISH YOUR COLOR SCHEME - The Tropical theme, depending on which tropics you are seeking, can evoke the hues of bright fuschia, turquoise blue, golden yellows and bright greens. Plan on using this or a similar family of colors to complete your decorations and décor for the bridal shower.

2. INVITATIONS – Choose to purchase or make invitations with the theme of the Tropics or Beach designs such as artwork with waves, sea shells, beach flip-flops, palm trees, lighthouses or sail boats on the invitation, in paper colors of white with blues, bright pinks, yellows, oranges or greens.

3. CAKE/DESSERT – Talk with your local baker about your Tropical themed bridal shower. Perhaps they have suggestions on something they could create for you that would complement your bridal shower theme – a cake that looks like a Seashell or Beach Chair or intricately flip-flop sandal or sailboat cookies to be served as dessert with a delicious after meal pina colada. There are so many possibilities these days with desserts that include cakes, pastries or chocolates, so ask the people in those industries for their opinions and ideas.

4. CENTERPIECES – Talk with your local craft store clerk or favorite florist about your theme. They may have some great ideas about implementing the Tropical Beach theme into the centerpieces that you may like including sand, seashells and votive candles.

5. FAVORS – There are so many beautiful and fun Tropical themed wedding favors to have for your guests – seashell candles, beach flip-flop keychains more. You can see all the selections at

6. DECORATIONS – Order a special table or wall banner for the bridal shower with fun tropical fonts and hand-painted ocean waves, palm trees, seashells or the silver outline of a beautiful beach scene. These can be ordered from

7. DÉCOR – Once you have established your color schemes, browse your local fabric stores for bolts of discount fabric in the colors you have chosen. With any luck you’ll be able to purchase a bolt of fabric that will drape the front of the important tables at the shower in your chosen colors and add that extra element of décor. See how to drape tables below.

8. FUN IDEAS – Name each guest table after a beach or tropical locale the couple has visited or intends to visit on their honeymoon. Have each of the guests at that table put their names into an envelope. Once every few minutes while the bride is opening her gifts, announce that it is time for someone from the “Cayman Islands” to win a prize and have the bride pick a name from that envelope.

Then this guest will receive a special gift, such as a gourmet food basket, spa gift basket, gardening gift basket or coffee themed gift basket. This is a great, easy and fun way to honor your guests and pass the time while the bride is opening gifts. You may find these gift baskets at www.ourgiftbasketshop.comThey offer free ground shipping and you can have them shipped directly to you in time for the bridal shower.

When you are planning a wedding, one of the most exciting phases of planning is the vision you have in your mind of how your ceremony will look - to you, your fiance, family and friends. Planning the colors, textures, florals and details can be exciting, exhausting, and depending on your vision ~ expensive.

At Event Bella Designs Co., one of our main goals is to create a quality, real fabric aisle runner, that fits within your ceremony decor budget and complements your theme, colors, decor and venue, just as you imagined it would.

Personalized Fabric Wedding Aisle Runner Order Process?
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3. When your custom wedding runner has shipped, you'll receive a shipment tracking number and photo of your completed wedding monogram or logo design (only on custom painted aisle runner or banner orders) via email.

Note: All of our custom fabric aisle runners are pressed and rolled onto a sturdy white pipe threaded with a three-ply cord for smooth unrolling and are shipped with instructions.

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