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What Color Should I Have my Design/Logo Painted?

What Color Should I Have my Design/Logo Painted?
Custom Aisle Runners – What Color Should I Have My Logo/Design Painted? By event bella designs/

Once you’ve chosen to order a custom aisle runner for your wedding ceremony or special event, a frequent concern is color selection for the paint of your design.If you are using a family of colors in the décor of your event, we will be happy to work with you to create a design that incorporates your colors to complement the décor. Whether you would like to use one or more colors, we do not charge extra fees for paint colors.

A few words about metallics – Gold & Silver

Gold Paint – You may want to choose from any of the golds we currently mix. We have a 14k metallic gold, antique gold (which tends toward bronzy), and a champagne gold that is more subtle, but still shows well on lighter colored fabrics.

Silver Paint – We offer several types of silver tone paints, we have silver metallic(which is best used on color or dark color fabrics and does not show as great on white or ivory fabrics), platinum silver, which is a few tones darker than the silver metallic and not as sparkly, flat gray, which is just that, a gray toned color with no metallic at all, but solid and shows well on all colors of fabric. Regarding Light Paint Colors vs. Dark Paint Colors We do recommend using dark paint colors on lighter colored fabrics and light paint colors on dark colored fabrics. However, when you are using two or more colors in your design/logo, which paint should you use for which part of your design?If your design has a large monogram letter with your names overlapping the letter,you would want to use a light color for the monogram (accent color) and a dark color for the names overlapping if it’s a light fabric runner. If you’ve chosen a dark color fabric, select to use the darker of the two colors for your monogram (accent color) and the lighter color for your names.event bella designs charges no additional fees for painting your design using more than two colors. However, if you are not using event bella designs for your runner, please check with the company you’ve chosen to make sure of any additional fees.

If you have any questions regarding which paint colors to select that will show best in your photographs, please feel welcome to email me at

Have a Blessed day!

When you are planning a wedding, one of the most exciting phases of planning is the vision you have in your mind of how your ceremony will look - to you, your fiance, family and friends. Planning the colors, textures, florals and details can be exciting, exhausting, and depending on your vision ~ expensive.

At Event Bella Designs Co., one of our main goals is to create a quality, real fabric aisle runner, that fits within your ceremony decor budget and complements your theme, colors, decor and venue, just as you imagined it would.

Personalized Fabric Wedding Aisle Runner Order Process?
1. You'll receive an email from us with a confirmation of your custom wedding aisle runner order and shipping information for your review and sample wedding monogram or logo designs, if applicable, within 2 business days.

2. When we've finalized your custom wedding monogram or logo design & aisle runner order information, you'll be given a target ship date for your custom wedding runner.

3. When your custom wedding runner has shipped, you'll receive a shipment tracking number and photo of your completed wedding monogram or logo design (only on custom painted aisle runner or banner orders) via email.

Note: All of our custom fabric aisle runners are pressed and rolled onto a sturdy white pipe threaded with a three-ply cord for smooth unrolling and are shipped with instructions.

Need a aisle runner project quote for a custom wedding logo, design or monogram you already have? Email your wedding logo, design or monogram to me at or Click here to send me an email. Or just text me at 724-289-8494 with any questions.
I'll be happy to review it and answer you as soon as possible with a complete custom aisle runner quote.

If you have questions about our custom wedding runners, colored fabric runner swatches or your wedding decor designs, please don't hesitate to ask! Message me at or Click here to send me an email.

We are excited to create an original, customized aisle runner for you and are honored to be a small part in your wedding day!